Round 2 Check-in 6/15/19

Mulched gardens grow well

Sometimes our creative efforts are fragile in the beginning.  We tend to coddle them then, knowing that those delicate shoots and tendrils of thought can get burnt or stepped on so easily in the wide world of readers and critics.

But it’s important to nurture our projects through most every stage of theirs lives.  Sometimes we find that we’ve set our ideas into ground that just isn’t quite ready to support them and we need to go back to fill in the bare spaces with something: fertilizer, compost, maybe even mulching around our baby can be necessary so that other ideas and projects (and demands of those around us for our time) don’t cripple its growth, or worse, starve it to death.

What methods do you use to strengthen your ideas and projects?

Let us know in the comments or in your check in.  And don’t forget to start plotting your goals for our upcoming Round 3. It’ll be here sooner than you think.

Round 2 Check-in 6-12-19

Ideas…. just flowing down in to a greater pool

What is it about Spring and the coming of Summer that makes being creative seem so much more natural and real?  Maybe it’s getting outside and seeing the world beyond our screens and keyboards.  Hikes do inspire some great visual imagery for my stories, but that doesn’t mean they work for everyone or every story.

What inspires you?  What do you find helps you get just the right story out?

As always, let us know in the comments or in your check-in.


Oh, and don’t forget…  Round 3 is coming up.  Anyone who is interested in writing a sponsor post or helping out with these check-ins, let me know

Round 2 Check-in June 8, 2019

Wow…  Do you realise how close to the end of this Round of Words we are?   It’s been so very busy, busy this year, time just seems to be flying by.

If you’re in a state like mine (the state of Chaos), then you may still be trying to figure out what your main goals for Round 2 were.  I’d say packing for our move was a big one for me, but most of our move is already done, and I still haven’t done most of the packing.  And what the packing company did when my husband’s employer moved us needs to be unpacked with the same care I’d planned for the packing itself since we’d had a lot of things n odd places due to the work we’d been doing on the house.

Chaos is a state in what country?  😉

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know it may be time to start thinking ahead to Round 3.  And, as always, it’s check-in time.  Let us know how you’ve been doing in this busy, busy year.


Round 2 Check-in June 5, 2019

Sometimes you just have to rip away what’s in front of you to find a suitable base for your dream project… or, as with the case of repairing our old deck and porch, to get a project ready to sell.

Either way, it can feel daunting to look at your old work with an eye for destruction.

Fear not.  Like a phoenix, your project will find new life, full of color and fire.  And somewhere, someone will be looking for exactly your story, your house, your dream…

Can you tell I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately doing home repairs so we can sell the old house (and editing my Swan Song Series stories)?  How about you all?  What’s your ROW80 achievement list look like this week so far?

Let us know, as always, in the comments or on our FB page.

Oops! Round 2 Check-in 6/2/19

It’s a good thing that the ROW80 is The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life, because lately, Life has definitely been doing it best to interfere with writing.

So let me apologize to you all for being late with our Sunday check-in.  Oddly enough, I missed it because I WAS writing…  as in JuNoWriMo started yesterday (I’m being a rebel this year since 50K just doesn’t seem like an option), and I was happily filling notebook pages when I wasn’t sanding the deck or hosting writing sprints.

Forgive me? 🙂  Thanks.

And while we’re at it, let’s check-in in the comment section below and tell each other how we’ve been doing.  Or if you prefer, there’s always our Facebook group maintained by Shan Jeniah.

Round 2 Check-in 5/29/19

Ever just sit and listen to the sounds around you for inspiration?  Not the ‘favorite song’ type of inspiring, but the white noise of the stove vent, the distant rumble of cars down the road….  the silence when the night peepers have finally settled before the storm…

Outside we’re having a visit from Donner und Blitzen.   A theatrical pair!  But what in interesting are how many sounds overpower even that thunderous duo.  The ice maker on the fridge as it drops ice and draws more water, a fan, the neighbor’s garage door opening….  need a toich of WD-40 there!

Our writing deserves to feel real.  Can your readers inmerse themselves into your story worlds with the imagery you offer?  If not, maybe you might need to turn off your writing playlist and just listen for a minute or two.

Tell us what you do to appeal to a reader’s sense of hearing in your check-in.  Here in the comments or in our FB thread

Round 2 Check-in May 26th, 2019

Online shopping…  Have you ever used it as a way to create a setting for your stories?  I admit, I wasn’t trying for story ideas, but I found myself considering plenty of new characters and story arcs based just on some chandeliers and wall sconces I found while looking for a replacement set of fixtures for our old house.

What new stories have been inspired by your regular tasks?

Let us know in the comments. Or on Facebook in the pinned thread.  Your choice as always.


Oh, and Shan…  this one made me think of you: Meyda Tiffany Pendant Light

Round 2 Check-in May 18, 2019

Ever try camping in your own home?  That’s us at Chez Mabee today.  Lawn chairs in the livingroom, an air mattress for our bed,  and a solitary fold out table for meals…

Life in transition.

It’s no bad thing.  Stories are about those moments of change, and we, as writers, need to grasp those bits and pieces of movement and passages for our work.  Writing, like dance, is about movement.

So what steps are you taking these days?  Let us know in your check-ins, here or in our FB thread.

Movement cred. DimitrisDoukas via Pixabay