Round 2 Check-in May 15, 2019

Empty Page

Sometimes finding the right starting point can be hard. Maybe, like me, your creative energies are being divied up among a multitude of priorities.  Maybe your plate is clear, and you have great plans for the next week.

Whatever stage you are at, let us know with today’s checkin. As always, feel free to post a link or update in the comments or on our FB page.


Round 2 Check-in May 12, 2019

It’s perpetual

Very quick check-in today … Here at Chez Mabee we’ve packed and emptied out our house and piled everything on a big truck to head to NJ. I’m shot.

Have you all been getting great things done too? Let us know in the comments or on our FB page.






Round 2 Check-in 5/5/19

Star Wars fans were out yesterday cheering each other with memes and jokes of “May the 4th be with you”.

Today is Cinco de Mayo.

Tomorrow is International No Diet Day.

Seems if you take the time to look for it, there’s always something to smile about, something to look forward to and bring joy into our lives….  That can happen with your creative life too.  Give yourself something to look forward to every day, even if it’s just getting to see a gorgeous background on your computer or the feel of your favorite pen.

Celebrate! (and then tell us about it in your check-in)

Check-in Round 2 4/30/19

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that this is what the ROW80 is all about. We’re a supportive, friendly online community of writers and creative thinkers, a group where we know you have a life beyond your keyboard and screen.  Yes, we’ll challenge you…  challenger you to grow, to test yourself, to do things you’d only hoped to try “someday”.

Someday….  like today.  Write those words today.  Submit something…  today.

“Someday” is here.

And…  once you’ve done that little thing (or at least taken steps to get yourself to that point), tell us about it so we can cheer you on.  Leave us a comment here or in the Facebook thread.  And have a great week!

Round 2 Check-in 4/28/19

You too?

I thought it was only me.  Well, good thing we’re in this thing together.  That’s what the ROW80 is about.  We check-in and support each other when the words are flowing and when they aren’t.  That’s the way we ROW.  So leave us a comment and let us know how you’re doing.  Here or on our FB page, whichever works best for you.

Round 2 Check-in 4/21/19

Many of you will be celebrating with friends and family tomorrow, creating the stories that you’ll be sharing in years to come or replaying stories from years past. It’s Spring and a time of renewal and re-creation in so many ways. It’s a perfect time to start something new or bring new life into something old.

So… maybe you’ve struggled with a long considered project, or perhaps you have a few manuscripts hiding in a drawer (maybe even a virtual one) somewhere that you just don’t know if you can finish? This is a great time to look at them with renewed eyes. It may be time to start again.  If so, let us know in your check-in.

Best to you all and your families today.

With love from the ROW80 and your fellow ROWers.

Round 2 Check-in 4/17/19

Many apologies for the brief posts lately, but…  life has been a bit extra cray-cray lately.  That said…  the ROW80 is the Writing Challenge that Knows You Have a Life.  Good thing too, since I’m sure I’m not the only one in this group that’s been busy-busy.

Hope you’re all doing well despite that.

Let us know.  As always, you can leave a note in the comments or on our FB page.  Best words to you.