End of Round 3 Check-in

Remember Sunday’s vague post…  how discombobulated it was?

Well, turns out, I was even more at a loss that I’d suspected.  Today (well, technically tomorrow), ends our current Round of Words in 80 Days!

Yep, I really was that out of things these past few weeks.

Hopefully all of you have still been prepping yourself for new adventures in creativity (and those less inspired tasks that support our passions).  Round 3 is now done, but we still have Round 4 to look forward to in 10 days from now.

Are you ready?  If no, you’re not the only one.  But together we can make it into a great experience.

What are your plans?



Round 3 Check-in Sept 15

cred. Tenor’

Ah, um, oh ….

I know I’m supposed to be cheering you all on for the upcoming week but. . . Well, forgive me. I’m not quite with it this week,

That doesn’t mean you can’t share your news. Would love to hear from you all!  Just forgive me my scatterbrains.

As always, you can leave comments, links or respond in our FB thread.


Round 3 Check-in Sept 8

We’re creeping up on theend of another Round if Words in 80 Days….  Creeping. We aren’t there yet.

Still, now is a perfect time to start thinking about the progress we’ve been making this round, as well as a time to consider places we could improve…  and yeah, those things we want to change for Round 4.

So, even if you aren’t ready to put your ideas into words on a page yet, today is a great day to start looking to the future and the place you want to be in it.  Time to plan, time to dream…  time to aspire!

And while you’re doing that, let us know how you have been doing.  Here in the comments or on our FB page.

Art is everywhere

Round 3 Check-in Sept 4

Hey Hey!Welcome back, ROWers.  It’s time to share our  progress with  each other,  cheer  each  other  on, support  each  other,  and  let  each other  know  what  our  plans  for the future  are.   Are  you  ready,  folks?

Cool!  Let’s do this then.

As always,  leave your comments here.  Or you can leave a link or a comment on our FB page

Round 3 Check-in Sept 1

Well … another month has. ended. Wow! This year is just flying by. Must be having fun then, eh? 🙂

Shan made a great suggestion about all the site updates we’ve been discussing.  Instead of trying to rush in changes by the end of ROWnd, I’ll be gathering your ideas and suggestions together and doing some “Behind the Scenes” work and organization to get things set for a New Year reveal.

At least that’s the plan…

Let me know what you think and feel free to suggest ideas I might implement. Oh, and check-in with your progress!  We love to hear from you.

Round 3 Check-in August 28

While I can’t speak for you all, it seems to me like this summer has been the busiest and most chaotic one one record.  It could be because of the move, but something tells me there is more involved somehow.

Whether it’s just post-move fatigue, pre-School preparation or something else entirely, I haven’t had the energy to set up all those things you ROWers have asked me to do these days for the website.  Mea culpa.  I will get moving on all of that…  or at least some of that.

Until then, why don’t you let me know what you’ve been up to and how you’re doing (as well as what changes here at the ROW80 would best benefit you).  Comment below, add a link, or stop in at our FB page.

Round 3 Check-in Aug 21

Every once in a while or so, we here at the ROW80 get requests to add pages to our site for links to writing resources, author pages, general niftiness or all kinds that might help our creative members sift through the web and all its myriad wonders.  And…  every time I get one of those requests, I think “Cool!  Let me see what I can…  oh, this has been done before, and this too, and…so has this…”

Basically, I feel like I would be reinventing every one of the wheels moving our little bus along, and given how time-strapped I’ve been lately, this just isn’t a feasible option right now.

So what I will do for you all is try to add some useful links here and there in our check-ins as they come to me.  Will that help?  I don’t know, but I hope so.  Let me know in your comments and check-ins.

And for our first link…  No Wasted Ink: a weekly collection of writing articles and advice (nowastedink.com)

And for the fun distraction of it…  you may what to check out John Atkinson’s Wrong Hands for writing (and non-writing) related comics

Round 3 Check-in August18

Just a quickie check-in today, ROWers… because, along with sharing our progress, it also has been a creative couple of days.  Lots of things going on  and the need to write it all down is there,

So,,,  off to  itI  (Well, at least that’s my plan.)  But even if you don’t have words to share, you can always tell us what you;re researching and creating in other forms….  We love to know what you’ve been up to,

Round 3 Check-in August 14

Oh, the plots we can make…

Ever read a series to find that the author seemed to have reworked the whole story-line 3/4s of the way through and suddenly the characters you had grown to love were no longer the same people you’d enjoyed spending so much time with before?

What do you, as writers, do when this happens?  Do you create your own versions of the stories?  Do you plow through,hoping that the author will once more capture your heart?

Do you set the series aside and/or leave a low review on Goodreads or Amazon?

I had this happen twice recently, once in a TV series I was watching (instant Fanfiction fodder!) and then again, more recently in a book series I’d enjoyed.  I realized that, as a writer myself, I found these shifts harder to bear than a lot of non-writers I’ve spoken to.  And so wondered, is it a result of writing, reading, both or …. something else?

Opinions, and check-ins, appreciated, here in the comments or on our FB page.  As always….