Round 3

Round 3 Week 3 Wednesday Cheers

Today might be as close to Shan’s favorite ROW80 day possible.  She likes 3s and with today having two of them…  well, that’s pretty awesome.  Come to think of it…  Shan’s pretty awesome herself.  She’s been a ROW80 sponsor for a few years now.  She actively maintains our Facebook page.  And she’s got some great sponsor posts under her belt.

So why not stop by her page and cheer her along on her writing journey.

And when you’re done there…  stop off at our linky and post your progress.


Round 3 Week 2 Sunday

Two weeks in!  The rain is pouring down here; the thunder’s cracking…  and if you’re like me, you’ve got words to write.  Hope they’re good ones and that you’re making great strides on your ROW80 goals.  See you Wednesday 😀

Round 3 Week 1 Sunday

The Blank Page

I thought I has something witty to say, something that might cheer you all on and help you finish this first week of Round 3 off with joy and enthusiasm for the future.

It’s gone now.  Those fleeting thoughts of perceived genius….

Ah, well.  Ideas come and go, and then someday, they come again.  Good practices, writing regularly, tracking one’s goals…  those things will be there to ensure the next great idea doesn’t get a chance to wander off before it makes it to your page.

Until then, there’s the linky.  You can check-in here via the comments or the linky, or you can jump on over to our Facebook page to post things there.

Round 3 Wed-no, Friday Check-in

Well…  this hasn’t been my finest hour as the ROW80 blog-maven.  Sorry, everyone.  I completely lost track of the last few days (there’s been a lot of sheet-rock and plastering going on at my house, and most of my time has been spent chasing dust with a mop and washing).  I sincerely hope your Round of Words has started more smoothly.

That said, I do have a linky for you, if you haven’t already checked in at our Facebook page where Shan has been much more on the ball than me.  Whichever place you choose may your spirits be eager and renewed….  see you Sunday!

End of Round 3 Post

Yes, I know that officially Round 3 ends on Thursday, but since we always do out check-in posts on Sundays and Wednesdays, here’s your Heads Up! post.  And while I’m here to update you, let me add a thought for Round 4 and life in general.

As I posted last Wednesday, I’ve been reading Ungifted by Scott Kaufman.  I borrowed it from the library after seeing it quoted in a classroom discussion in a theory of modern education systems MOOC.  The discussion revolved around labels, those given to us and those we give ourselves.  Which matters most?  According to the book so far *, both really, but the labels we accept for ourselves have the greatest power.  They are what inspire and motivate us into creating that reality.  How we do that is pretty interesting to…  it’s not so much a positive affirmation thing (though those can help) as our willingness to think through and act on our expectations of ourselves.

As I asked you last week…  are you inspired?  What does your inspiration tell you about yourself?  And what are you going to do about it?

Think about these questions as you close out your goals for this last day of Round 3.  Round 4 starts October 2nd, and our goal post goes up this Sunday, where you can share all at our linky (or our friendly FB page):

  • it’s a very information-rich book, and with my crazy schedule, I’m moving through it slower than I’d like

Round 3 Sunday Check-in 11

Can you believe there are only a few more days in this round left?  Time left still to make your walk-of-shame into a stroll beneath the triumphal arch…  progress is what you make of it.  Even failures and set-backs are just tools in creating future success.

So tell us, your ROW80 community, how you’ve done and start making plans for Round 4…  here or on our FB page:

Round 3 Wednesday Check-in 11

Are you inspired?

Today, I was reading about two topics that all artists (even writers) hold dear.  I wasn’t reading about them in a book about writing or creativity.  The book, which is filled with a lot of scientific data on how we work, is called Ungifted, Intelligence Redefined, and it inspired this post, particularly Chapter 6, which deals with inspiration and passion. 😀

Did you know that inspiration does a spiraling dance with goal progress?  I do now.  And you can dance upward toward the stars almost as easily as you slowly sink into the earth…  almost!  Of course, there are more variables at play here.  But inspiration the way it’s described in Ungifted is not merely the act of being inspired by something but also the acting on that inspiration.  Inspiration is active, it is doing…  it is creating.

So…  are you inspired?  Tell all at the linky or our FB page (or both, if you’d like):