Round 3 Check-in 8/11/19

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Just popping in for a quick “Hey, how’s it going, ROWers?”  It’s time for our regular Sunday check-in.  Let us know how things are going, folks.  Leave us a note in the comments or on our FB page.

And have a great week! ❤


Round 3 Check-in, Wed Aug 7

Rest Time is Creating Time

Lazy days, hazy days…  up here in the northern hemisphere, we’re feeling the draw of beaches and playgrounds, not to mention air-conditioned libraries and cafes, over the urge to work toward goals for fitness and careers.  Strange how summer has become the time to relax… it used to be the other way around, when we were a more agricultural society.

Wonder what we’ll become in another hundred years or so…  What do you think, writers of the ROW80?  All you speculative fiction peeps in our group, why not give us a glimpse of your futuristic visions in your check-in.  You can tell us what you see coming up in the comments, in a link, or on our FB page, as always.

Weather Delayed Check-in 8/4/19

Sorry for the late post, ROW80 peeps. We had “weather” last night, and I couldn’t get online to make this check-in.

Life Happens!  It’s what the ROW80 is about.  Life and dealing with it as we focus on achieving our dreams.

So how have you been doing at that second part (the dreams bit)?  Making progress? Need some encouragement?  Tell all… here in the comments or on our FB page.

Round 3 Check-in 3 7/31/19

Yep, like our furry friend above, we’ve got grand plans too (you do, don’t you?), and every once in a while, it’s good to take some time and see if you’re doing things that will help you reach those heights you’re dreaming of.

That’s why we at the ROW80 host these bi-weekly check-ins.  What better way to keep on track and let your your fellow ROWers know what you’re up to…  as well as discovering what cool things they happen to be up to as well.  So leave us a note or a link an share some news.  Good, bad, not sure?  We’re always curious to know.

Late Check-in Round 3 July 28

Mea Culpa

I did it again…  Sorry.  The good thing is that all this fuss and bother around our move and settling in a bew life is almost over (YAY!), and I’ll soon be able to concentrate on the Row80, my writing and my aspirations with you all too.

It sure is a good thing we’re ‘The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life‘, right?

Because sometimes it can’t be helped. Life happens, and we get too busy or too tired, and we just CAN’T make that check-in or post or even those Five Sentences after all.  Still, we ARE writers and creators and doers; if not yesterday, today then…  Let’s get going and do it now.

As always, let us know how things are going on your own ROW80 journey.  Comment below, write a post or check-in at our FB page.


Round 3 Check-in 7/21/19

Quick check – in tonight… long hot day of moving furniture and fixing walls and I don’t know what to say that might inspire you all

Just keep doing the best you can…  You’ll get there.

(And while you’re on the way, let us know how your ROW8O journey is going. As always, in the comments or on our FB page.)




Round 3 Check-in 7/17/19

Why, yes.  Yes, it is.

Part of the reason the ROW80 works so well is how we stay accountable to each other and, thus, ourselves in our efforts to reach our goals.  So, yep, you’re durned tootin’, my fluffy lovelies.  It’s check-in time.

By now, I hope you know the drill.  Leave a comment, post a link or check-in on our FB page.

Oops! Round 3 Check-in 7/14/19

Mea Culpa!

Hello and apologies, fellow ROWers.  This has been an odd week for me, and Time has played a few tricks on me as well.  I missed posting our check-in last night because of messed up sleep.

It’s here now, though.  Hopefully my discombobulation won’t mess with you or your progress too much.  Let us know how it’s going, folks.  You can leave a comment here, a link or post your progress in the FB threads for our challenge.

Round 3 Check-in 7/10/19

Just a super-quick “Hey, how’s it going with you?” note today.  Been unpacking and doing a lot of meetings on my end…  oh, and bills.  Lots of bills too…  Guess that happens when you’re supporting two houses and all the repairs needed for them both.  (Anyone looking to buy a house in the country in Upstate NY? 😉 )

Anyway, let us know how it’s been going for you with your writing aspirations and your life.  How you share is up to you.  The blog, the comments, or in our FB group.  All of them work.

Round 3 Post Independence Check-in

Shimmering Sunset (cred. E Mabee)

In the U.S., we’ve celebrated these past few days, celebrating the birth of our nation and our common interests (which, if you watch the average 4th of July celebration seems to involve fireworks, patriotic music and really bad for your health, but tasty food).

Herr at the ROW80, we have something to celebrate too…  ourselves and our achievements, big and small.  Every step toward our dreams that we take gets us closer.  Even thosr slow, almost miniscule ones…  and sometimes those give us the best chance to enjoy the scenery too.

So, come, share your achievements and celebrate with us.  As always, in the comments or on our FB page.