Round 4 Check-in 12/4/19


Often, during the fall and into winter, we feel ourselves settling in, slowing down and wondering if we have enough energy to finish all the projects we signed ourselves up for at the beginning of the year. It can seem daunting, especially as the days get shorter, and we’re drawn into holiday festivities and family gatherings and….

Well, you know. You’ve been there just as we all have.

Thing is, we’ve been there all year, we just let ourselves see the deadline of “The End of The Year” or the upcoming “New Year” as having real value in our decision making.

They’re not, of course.  They’re as arbitrary as most lines in the sand are, tools that help for many situations, but tools we’ve also allowed to rule our lives.  You can set goals, plan for your future, do and achieve your dreams any time you decide to put the effort forth.  Winter chill (or warmth of you’re in the Southern Hemisphere), summer heat (again reversed for those south of the equator)…  they may add their own special flair to the challenges you’ll face, but challenges or no, you’re on your way as soon as you pick up that pen, type those first words, hit send on the manuscript…  or put on your shoes and go for that healthy walk.

You, my ROW80 friends, are the ones who will get your dreams fulfilled.

So let us know how you’re doing today, what your next plans are, and what steps you’ll be taking to achieve them in the comments or on our FB thread.

Round 4 Check-in 11/27/19

Courtesy: Clip Art Mag

Hey there!

Hey! Yep, that’s me, talking to you, saying “It’s Check-in Time, all you ROW80 folks!” You got words, stories, creative streaks, let us know. And if you’re having issues, we’d like to help you with those too.

So tell us what’s going on, peeps.

As always, you can leave your posts in our comment section or in the bi-weekly FB page thread.  And have a wonderful day!

Round 4 Check-in 11/23/19

Abundance! (courtesy

Happy Sunday!

As we approach our national feasting day in the US, Thanksgiving, thoughts of harvest and preparation for the scarcity of Winter fill our minds….  Really, even in these modern times, there is an almost instinctive need to gather our resources and prepare to settle in for the changing seasons.  We may fight these natural urges with holiday parties and NaNoWriMo write-ins, but as daylight grows shorter, so does our energy.

A great thought or the spark of an idea can change this for us in an instant though, and off we go, running toward the next story or novel….

Ideas abound.  And may you have a great, filling harvest of them.

Tell us how you’re doing in the comments or on our FB page, and have a wonderful Sunday.

Round 4 Check-in 11/20/19

We’re MORE than halfway… so yeah, you CAN do it!

This year has flown by for so many of us…  I think it seems to be a universal phenomenon. Doesn’t seem as if there are progressively more things to do and fewer hours in the day to do them?

Well, that’s not exactly true.  The stuff I need to do isn’t usually as huge of a list as it seems, but those extras, the stuff I want to do, the stuff I dream about doing….  That stuff fills weeks and months to come.  And it’s ALL necessary.  (Well, it IS! 😉 )

It is.  The necessities are, well, necessary, but who we are, what makes each of us unique and special, comes out of those dreams and wants.

Those dreams make us writers and authors and all-around nifty people.

So, let’s keep moving forward through these dreams….  I mean weeks and months.  😉  We’ve got this.

And, as always, let us know in the comments or on our FB page…  how are you doing?