Round 4 Check-in 10-13-19

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I’d ask if you’ve ever been stuck in traffic, but given roadways these days, it’s pretty likely.  I do have to ask though…  how did you react?  Did it stress you out, frustrate you, relax you, feel… “it’s unenviable, but inevitable”?

What about curious and creative?  Or perhaps even awed?

I had all of those experiences the other day while stuck in some traffic on Interstate 78 on my way to our old house.  Yeah, it slowed my already long trip home down, but I saw stories; I saw gorgeous scenery (there are some sandstone “cliffs” where the hills had been blasted back to make the road that were stunning contrasts in colors and textures, even to a point where runoff had virtually melted the choppy stone into liquid floes; I got a lot of people watching done…; heck, I even got the chance to b-bop to my favorite song without worrying if I might wiggle the steering wheel too much and cause an accident.

Being stuck in traffic—or on the page—doesn’t have to be negative or annoying.  It can be a blessing in disguise, if you give it a chance.  And, it is inevitable (and unenviable), so why not make the best of it?

Let us know how you’re doing in the comments, on FB or in your blog check-in (don’t forget to leave a link for us to find you there).


Round 4 Check-in 10-9-19

What’s that saying about the best intentions….

Ah well, your check-in is here now, only a few hours late.  Hope you’ll forgive me.  I’m still getting used to things in our new neck of the woods.  Baby steps, you know.

As always, feel free to post your check-ins as comments below, a link to your own webpage or post them in the Facebook thread.

And have a great day.

Round 4 Check-in Oct 6, 2019

This is….  late.  Very, very late…  I should have posted Wednesday, but…

Life Happened

But hey, the ROW80 is the Challenge That Knows You Have a Life, and so we move on to a glorious Round of Words in 80 Days, never grumbling about the the small mix ups.  It’s the effort we put forth to improve our futures that matters the most.  And we’ve got that in the bag.

So…  as always, tell us about how you’re doing so we can cheer you on.  Here, in the comments or on the FB page.

Round 4 Check-in 12/18/18

Well, technically, I should wait until tomorrow to say that, but…  what’s a day or two between friends here?

Not only have you made it through 80 day of words, whimsy…  and a fair share of mayhem, but you’ve also made it through a whole year.

Aren’t you just the greatest? (say “Yes”—you deserve it)

So why not take some time to let us know how you’ve done since your last check-in and then, once you’re done with that, pop back to Monday’s Goals Post and start planning for Round 1 of 2019.  As we’ve done all round, you can leave your check-ins as comments below or on our FB page.

And ENJOY the rest of the year.