So you want to be a sponsor for the next round of ROW80.  AWESOME.  I love the help.  Each round I seek 11 other writers to sponsor.  Their responsibilities include:

  • Writing an inspirational post (those should go up on the blog on Mondays).  This should hit somewhere between 500-1,000 words.  Humor not required but we love it if you can pull it off.  (An inspirational photo-meme post is acceptable as long as you’ve made it.)
  • Being a cheerleader for their team of writers.  I use the term “team” loosely, as we don’t actually assign particular people.  Not everyone checks in at every check-in and people fall out over the course of the round, so instead of particular people, I’ll assign you a number.  So someone will have all the 2s (2, 12, 22, 32, 42 etc) on each week’s linky and so on and so forth.  This way you’re not wasting time checking in on somebody who’s not posting and everybody gets a variety of people since nobody winds up at the same spot on the linky every week.  I ask that you swing by your “team’s” blogs once a week to leave an encouraging comment.

SO, if you wanna be a sponsor, all you need do is drop me an email at mousefir (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me so and I’ll let you know if I still need sponsors. (Warning, the closer to the start of the next Round, the more likely we are to be full up, so if you really wanna do it, let me know early).  I will need a brief bio (please check out the bios of prior sponsors to get an idea of length and content) including all of your web and social media links and some kind of image (headshot preferred).

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