Check-in 5/24

Wednesday is here, and it’s time again for you to share your progress (or lack there of) since Sunday.

We ALL can relate to this sometimes!

Before you add your post to the linky though, let me give a small shoutout to a fellow writing challenge coming up in June. Yes, I do mean JuNoWriMo, the 50K WriMo of the other half of the year (yep, I will be hosting sprints on Twitter for people hoping to add some extra words in June to their projects).

If you know of a writing (or reading! Writers are readers after all) challenge you want to support, let us know here at the ROW80. And since we are ROCking this year, feel free to add any creative challenge you’d like to share. Let’s support each other in our creative passions and our beloved projects.

Here’s your linky… ROW80 list.


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