Round 2 Check-in 6/15/19

Mulched gardens grow well

Sometimes our creative efforts are fragile in the beginning.  We tend to coddle them then, knowing that those delicate shoots and tendrils of thought can get burnt or stepped on so easily in the wide world of readers and critics.

But it’s important to nurture our projects through most every stage of theirs lives.  Sometimes we find that we’ve set our ideas into ground that just isn’t quite ready to support them and we need to go back to fill in the bare spaces with something: fertilizer, compost, maybe even mulching around our baby can be necessary so that other ideas and projects (and demands of those around us for our time) don’t cripple its growth, or worse, starve it to death.

What methods do you use to strengthen your ideas and projects?

Let us know in the comments or in your check in.  And don’t forget to start plotting your goals for our upcoming Round 3. It’ll be here sooner than you think.


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