Round 1 Check-in 3/3/19

Sorry to leave you with yet another short check-in today.  I promise that I’ll have something more substantial for you by Wednesday.  The crazy may not be over, but there is a lull in the fervor for the moment.  And I don’t know about you all, but some good discussion about writing, stories, and where ideas come from all sound very good to me.

Coming together cred: QLA

Interested?  Well, then, why not get started by posting a line or two, or maybe an image that you find incredibly inspiring.  On Wednesday, I’ll gather up the links for your posts and add them to the Wednesday check-in post for everyone to see.

Who knows?  Maybe we can inspire each other in the process.

And, as always, since this IS a check-in, let us know how you’re doing here or on the FB page.

Round 1 Check-in 2/23/19

Sweeping it under – stock photo

We humans have a tendency to forget things that matter, putting them off until the problem gets too big to handle on our own.  Sometimes we’re pleasantly surprised to find that the experts we need to call in to fix our problem won’t require our first-born (along with the arm and leg we amputated to alleviate things).  Sometimes we have to promise our second and third sons too.  😉

Okay, okay…  so things aren’t often that drastic, but neither shoving problems under the rug nor letting things slide are wise decisions.  If you’ve had issues with your ROW80 progress this round of words, this is a great time to pause for a moment and consider what might be the cause.  Some you may be able to fix with a simple tweak here or there.  Other problems might need a complete overhaul of your plans.  There’s a saying about throwing good money after bad…  don’t let yourself get caught in that trap.  If you see that you’re starting to throw more and more effort at a problem but you still can’t see the end, STOP.  Maybe you can’t really salvage that first chapter.  Maybe that POV is the wrong one for the story you’re trying to tell.  Maybe you have to accept that your short has grown into a healthy robust novella .

And down we go — E Mabee

Have you experienced a moment when you just had to stop and change course mid-project because you could no longer see your way past the myriad issues that had grown quietly while you were indulging in the writer’s high?  Let us know in the comments, in your check-ins or on our FB page.  As always, we love hearing from you.


Round 1 Check-in 2/20/19

Short post today.  Usually the middle of a round of words is more sedate, more focused…  not this one.  I don’t know about all of you, but for me, this year’s first round has been a whirling, spinning, rushing flow of activity.  Rapids in the mountains…  While some of you all are cheering and shouting “Woo hoo”, I’m the guy in the inner tube at the end.

So let us all know how you’re doing here in the comments or on Facebook and take a moment to visit your fellow RoWers to cheer them on.  Or to toss out a life saver…  😀